June 16, 2013

Dear Dad,

Happy Father's Day to my favorite--YOU!
I thank my lucky stars for you.
Everyone always says that they have the best dad,
but I highly disagree because, well,
I have the best dad.
Their dads just don't compare!

I mean, whose dad really is great as my dad?
Or is as spiritual as you,
Or as hardworking as you,
Or as handsome as you,
Or as talented as you all in one person?

I will never forget those moments of playing hockey with you on the basketball court across the street,
or hearing you cheering me on at my high school tennis games.

I will never forget those many moments of you bearing your testimony as bishop,
And loving all those you serve.
Or those many father's blessings that you are so worthy and ready to give.

I will never forget our daddy daughter dates,
Or those Saturday mornings when you would jump on my bed, waking me up at 7am.

I will never forget our fun adventures of boating, dirt biking, go carting, and race car driving.
You have always been one for adrenaline and adventure.

I will never forget dancing in our kitchen to our favorite songs.
Or those hardworking summer days spent with you.

There are too many memories to count. Most of all, I will never forget the way you show your love towards us, each and everyday. It makes me get teary just thinking about it because I know how truly blessed mom, James, Annie, Hannah, and I are to have you. You are my best friend, and have always been someone that I can talk to about anything. I am so thankful for our relationship.

I'm going to miss you everyday while I'm serving in Uruguay.

You are my dad.
I will always be your little girl.
I love you, always and forever.

Katie Lu

June 09, 2013

More pictures than words

My friend, Sunni's, mission farewell talk before she heads off to Spokane, Washington!

Our Memorial Day included driving up to Payson, hiking, and swimming in the freezing cold water. What an adventure!

Talking to Elder Boyd on Mothers Day!

We tend to get a little crazy when the men in the family are out of town...Girls Week!

Our beautiful Gilbert temple that I love so much! Mom and I use to work out every morning at 5:30am next to this gorgeous view.

Last day of working at the dental office...and no more wearing that awesome headpiece while talking on the phone! I'm jumping for joy!

Taking joy rides in James' mustang while playing the "Lets-see-how-many-people-we-caan-get-to-stop-and-stare" game because his car is dang good looking.

Trader Joe's has the best dark chocolate almonds!

Swimming in Grandma's pool on a hot summer afternoon.

5 mile morning walks with mom--my favorite time of the day. 

Frozen yogurt runs are always my favorite.

We LOVE babysitting this little guy. I CAN'T WAIT to be a mom!

Temple day with mom, grandma, and Jenny. Afterwards, we enjoyed lunch at my favorite restaurant Liberty Market! mmm...

Uruguayan Feast!

Last Sunday one of my favorite families, the Maycocks, along with 3 other families invited me over for a Uruguayan feast! Brother Maycock and Brother Booher both served their missions in Uruguay! We ate lots of popular Uruguayan dishes, looked at old pictures, and heard fun mission stories. It was quite a fun night and it has gotten me even more excited for my new adventure as a missionary! The best part of the night was meeting my new friend, Kimberly, who is actually from Uruguay! (Pictured above) She is a beauty! We instantly had a special bond and I loved getting to know her! 

Viva la Uruguay!

June 08, 2013

Peace Out Men!

Let's be honest. I haven't been the most social girl out there these past 5 months. 

Why, you might ask? Because I am 100% determined to go on my mission. I do not want to be one of those girls that gets their mission call, but then decides to get engaged instead. I'm committed to my mission, and I'm also done with the dating scene for now. I don't want to have attachments at home that would make it hard to leave and, lets face it, I'm done going on pity dates with guys that I'm not even interested in...

You get my drift?

Well, this past month I've been a bit more social, and have started to go to Y.S.A. (young single adult) activities with some friends. The guys there are nice, but seem very aware that a lot of good, pretty, A+ girls are leaving on their missions. They seem very aggressive even though they know that I'm out of here very soon! To make a long story short, my facebook inbox and my cell phone have been full of messages and texts from these so called R.M.s, even though I told them that I am not interested in dating right now. For Pete's sake, I have THREE weeks left before I leave! 

This video is dedicated to all those special boys who just can't take the hint. Watch and enjoy ::

Peace out sweet boys---I'm going on a MISSION!

See you in 18 months...

June 01, 2013

Boating with frousins! (friends + cousins)

-Fun cousins : CHECK
-Our beautiful boat : CHECK
-Grandpa's boat : CHECK
-Favorite swimsuit : CHECK
-Camera : CHECK
-Go Pro : CHECK
-Sunblock : CHECK
-Subway lunch : CHECK
-Beautiful weather : CHECK
-Lots of energy : CHECK

We were ready for a grand 'ol time!

I love these people.

May 15, 2013


50 days.
50 days until I enter the Argentina MTC.
50 days until I am emerged in a different culture.
50 days until I wear a badge everyday saying Hermana Coon.
50days until I begin my new life as a missionary for 
the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
50days exactly and I can't wait!

Uruguay, here I come! I'm ready to work!

May 14, 2013

Dear Mom,

Happy Mother's Day to YOU-- my most favorite person and my mom. It's a little difficult to express my feelings in a simple journal entry about you as my mother mostly because you mean the world to me. When I think of you, I am reminded of lots of fun memories, like our fun lunch dates, watching you make friends so easily, your fabulous spying abilities, and the way we can hear your contagious laugh throughout our home. Or how about the time when my junior high friends and I were t.p.ing cute boys houses and right in the middle of our t.p. job, you decided to lay on the horn so we would be caught. I remember how we dropped everything in hand and sprinted down the street just in time for them to see who covered their house in toilet paper. You thought that was so funny. You are fun! I love that about you, mom. I am thankful for your example and cherished friendship to me, for your obedience and for your testimony. I am grateful for your dedicated acts of service each day. I hope to be as great of a mom someday as you are because I know that the more I am like you, the more I will be like Christ. And the best part of all of this is you will be my best friend, my confidant, and my mother for eternity. I love you. xoxo

***This video was taken back in 2008, but I still giggle everytime I see it.