June 16, 2013

Dear Dad,

Happy Father's Day to my favorite--YOU!
I thank my lucky stars for you.
Everyone always says that they have the best dad,
but I highly disagree because, well,
I have the best dad.
Their dads just don't compare!

I mean, whose dad really is great as my dad?
Or is as spiritual as you,
Or as hardworking as you,
Or as handsome as you,
Or as talented as you all in one person?

I will never forget those moments of playing hockey with you on the basketball court across the street,
or hearing you cheering me on at my high school tennis games.

I will never forget those many moments of you bearing your testimony as bishop,
And loving all those you serve.
Or those many father's blessings that you are so worthy and ready to give.

I will never forget our daddy daughter dates,
Or those Saturday mornings when you would jump on my bed, waking me up at 7am.

I will never forget our fun adventures of boating, dirt biking, go carting, and race car driving.
You have always been one for adrenaline and adventure.

I will never forget dancing in our kitchen to our favorite songs.
Or those hardworking summer days spent with you.

There are too many memories to count. Most of all, I will never forget the way you show your love towards us, each and everyday. It makes me get teary just thinking about it because I know how truly blessed mom, James, Annie, Hannah, and I are to have you. You are my best friend, and have always been someone that I can talk to about anything. I am so thankful for our relationship.

I'm going to miss you everyday while I'm serving in Uruguay.

You are my dad.
I will always be your little girl.
I love you, always and forever.

Katie Lu

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