June 09, 2013

More pictures than words

My friend, Sunni's, mission farewell talk before she heads off to Spokane, Washington!

Our Memorial Day included driving up to Payson, hiking, and swimming in the freezing cold water. What an adventure!

Talking to Elder Boyd on Mothers Day!

We tend to get a little crazy when the men in the family are out of town...Girls Week!

Our beautiful Gilbert temple that I love so much! Mom and I use to work out every morning at 5:30am next to this gorgeous view.

Last day of working at the dental office...and no more wearing that awesome headpiece while talking on the phone! I'm jumping for joy!

Taking joy rides in James' mustang while playing the "Lets-see-how-many-people-we-caan-get-to-stop-and-stare" game because his car is dang good looking.

Trader Joe's has the best dark chocolate almonds!

Swimming in Grandma's pool on a hot summer afternoon.

5 mile morning walks with mom--my favorite time of the day. 

Frozen yogurt runs are always my favorite.

We LOVE babysitting this little guy. I CAN'T WAIT to be a mom!

Temple day with mom, grandma, and Jenny. Afterwards, we enjoyed lunch at my favorite restaurant Liberty Market! mmm...

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