May 01, 2012

Professional STALKER

My mom has many talents.

But the one talent that we find pleasure in the most is her ability to stock others and sometimes, us.

I have 4 perfect examples of how she practices her stocker talent.

#1. Back in the day, when her & dad were dating, she would sneak into his house with her friends. They would do things like take his mustang for a joy ride, eat his family's Breyer's ice-cream, find pictures of his past girlfriend, and most importantly read his journal! (Personally, I would flip if someday snuck in my house to read my journal, but my dad didn't even care!) On many occasions, she almost got caught, but was able to make it out of his house safely, like always.

#2. The second example happened when mom's bosom friend, Stacy Summers from Wisconsin came to visit. These two are Lucy and Ethel from the I Love Lucy show. They utilized the internet to the best of their ability and looked up their old boyfriends from high school! They even found out their address of where they lived and went to go find their house! Mom knocked on Stacy's old boyfriend's door pretending like she was going to move into the neighborhood. She met his wife, took a tour of his house, and found out all about his current life. Stacy did the same for mom.

#3. Next, is my all time favorite. When I was fifteen, I met this really cute boy at the New Year's Eve dance, Grant Boyd. He instantly became my best friend/crush for the rest of high school. I was so twitter patted after meeting him that my mom wanted to see where he lived. We looked his family up online, found their address, and while dad was a bishopric meetings and James was at scouts, we set off to find his house. Once we got there, she looked at me and said, "I'm gonna go check it out!" I begged her not to, but she did anyway. As she looked through their windows I sat their in our Cadillac dying a million deaths! "What if she got caught? My life would be ruined!"I thought. Because she's a professional stalker, she did not get caught.

#4. The fourth example and definitely not the last happened all the time in high school. After a night out, sometimes my date and I would just stand in front of my house or door talking...for awhile. Every once in awhile, I would see someone peeking their little eyes through the window or I would see the curtain on my bedroom window move. In my mind I would think, "Oooh that sneaky mom!" She thought that she was being sneaky this time, but nope I caught her red handed!

Needless to say, we have had many laughs about these stories & they will forever be imprinted in my memory.

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