June 08, 2013

Peace Out Men!

Let's be honest. I haven't been the most social girl out there these past 5 months. 

Why, you might ask? Because I am 100% determined to go on my mission. I do not want to be one of those girls that gets their mission call, but then decides to get engaged instead. I'm committed to my mission, and I'm also done with the dating scene for now. I don't want to have attachments at home that would make it hard to leave and, lets face it, I'm done going on pity dates with guys that I'm not even interested in...

You get my drift?

Well, this past month I've been a bit more social, and have started to go to Y.S.A. (young single adult) activities with some friends. The guys there are nice, but seem very aware that a lot of good, pretty, A+ girls are leaving on their missions. They seem very aggressive even though they know that I'm out of here very soon! To make a long story short, my facebook inbox and my cell phone have been full of messages and texts from these so called R.M.s, even though I told them that I am not interested in dating right now. For Pete's sake, I have THREE weeks left before I leave! 

This video is dedicated to all those special boys who just can't take the hint. Watch and enjoy ::

Peace out sweet boys---I'm going on a MISSION!

See you in 18 months...

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