May 14, 2013

Dear Mom,

Happy Mother's Day to YOU-- my most favorite person and my mom. It's a little difficult to express my feelings in a simple journal entry about you as my mother mostly because you mean the world to me. When I think of you, I am reminded of lots of fun memories, like our fun lunch dates, watching you make friends so easily, your fabulous spying abilities, and the way we can hear your contagious laugh throughout our home. Or how about the time when my junior high friends and I were cute boys houses and right in the middle of our t.p. job, you decided to lay on the horn so we would be caught. I remember how we dropped everything in hand and sprinted down the street just in time for them to see who covered their house in toilet paper. You thought that was so funny. You are fun! I love that about you, mom. I am thankful for your example and cherished friendship to me, for your obedience and for your testimony. I am grateful for your dedicated acts of service each day. I hope to be as great of a mom someday as you are because I know that the more I am like you, the more I will be like Christ. And the best part of all of this is you will be my best friend, my confidant, and my mother for eternity. I love you. xoxo

***This video was taken back in 2008, but I still giggle everytime I see it.

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